April 3, 2019 – Day 3: 30Days of Biking (What a Difference a Day Makes!)

Yesterday, I endured ice, snow, and cold wind on my short (but countable) ride for Day 2. Today started cold, but by noon the temp was around 60*! A glorious, sunny day to ride a bike. Unfortunately, I may be coming down with some ailment as I have a headache, sore throat and low grade fever. However, not bad enough to keep me completely off the bike!

Looking across the room, it felt like Shirley Surly was calling to me to take her out for a spin. Succumbing to her siren’s call, I donned helmet, jacket and gloves and took her out for a bit over half mile. She responded well to the tuneup and adjustments over the last two weeks, shifting smoothly through all her gears. I’m looking forward to longer rides when weather and health coincide. I used to be able to say I’d be over just about anything in two or three days, but recuperation seems to take a bit longer as my body ages.


Coming up on April 12 – 23 is Chasing Mailboxes’ Errandonnee Challenge. The rules are pretty simple: 12 errands (chosen from nine errand classes,) over 12 days, with a total of 30 miles ridden (or run.) This will make an interesting addition to 30 Days of Biking. Not sure yet how I’ll do it, but I’m going to give it a go. Since I work from home, not sure how I’ll do the commuter category.

I may have already mentioned that I anticipate doing a few overnighters this year (and a longer trip if I can fit it in.) This is intended as equipment shakedowns in anticipation of my (planned) cross-country ride in 2020 or 2021. I’ll post more about this trip from planning to execution as it happens, but right now the plan is to go from Astoria OR to Bangor ME, then travel down the East Coast back to Salisbury NC. During the ride, I’ll be trying to visit as many bike co-ops as I can. I’m hoping to contribute some volunteer time, keep Shirley running smoothly, and get a feel of their operations to share with The Pedal Factory on my return. I’ll also be open to having folks join me for any part (or all) of the journey if they wish.

That’s it for now. So far I’m three for three on #30 Days of Biking.

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